About Dirt Doctors Cleaning Services in Pittsburgh, Pa

tim maloney the owner of dirt doctors cleaning service

Dirt Doctors Cleaning Services was founded in 1994 based on the idea that quality cleaning need not be expensive. We started the business from scratch and literally knocked on doors to find clients. Once our clients saw the high level of service we provided, they excitedly told other people about us. By the end of our first year in business, we were consistently cleaning 3-4 houses a day and had hired 2 part time team members.

After achieving steady growth for about 4 years, we decided to expand our services to include commercial cleaning. We believed that the model we created for residential cleaning would be a great fit for offices, schools, retail establishments and anyone else in need of quality and value in their cleaning service. The Dirt Doctor motto was born: “We make house calls and office visits.”

Our client retention rate is very high due to our diligence in 3 key areas: First, we hire employees who are trustworthy and who genuinely like to clean. We call references and do background checks. Second, we invest in time in training new members and provide ongoing follow-up and perform on-site inspections. Finally, we have systems in place to communicate effectively with our clients and team members to insure the service is being performed to our client’s satisfaction.

Often, when we speak to potential clients, they express frustration with the lack of consistency and quality from their current cleaning service. Often they indicate a lack of trust with the employees who are performing the work and feel that they are not getting a good value for their money. We have worked very hard over the last 22 years to make sure that our clients receive consistent, quality service performed by highly qualified team members.

You have made an investment in your home or business and we understand that quality cleaning maintains that investment. We want to help you meet that need.

We have an excellent team in place and are very confident that we can continue to meet or exceed the expectations of our current clients, as well as provide this same level of service to you.

If you are not satisfied with your current cleaning service or have never enjoyed the benefits of a cleaning service, please contact The Dirt Doctors at 412-726-0800. We still make house calls and office visits!